Sunday Spa Day

Apparently Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie some of camp watched last night, was R rated! Seeing an R rated movie at camp made us feel spiritually unclean, so we started the day by putting on our nice clothes and going to Grace Church. Think of this as a practice run at looking snazzy for tomorrow’s prom!

After church, we went back to camp for a hot dog lunch! During this lunch, we held the Ultimate Jabberwocky Hot Dog Challenge in the kitchen to see who can fit the most hot dogs in their mouth. Tony managed to stuff in an impressive 10 hot dogs.

But Mike blew him out of the water with 12 HOT DOGS! Everyone congratulate Mike on this impressive win.The forecast at the beginning of the day told us that rain would be coming in the afternoon. Fortunately, the forecast changed to only raining at night, so we decided to sneak in a BEACH TRIP!

Unfortunately, it did end up raining tonight so we will be hosting prom tomorrow. To prepare for tomorrow night, we decided to host a Spa day after dinner. We we were treated to massages, mani-pedis, essential oil spritzes, and other relaxing activities.

We’re all trying to get in a healthy dose of beauty sleep tonight because we want to look good for PROM tomorrow!




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