More “S” Activities: Splitting Camp for Classes, Swimming, and Studio Night

 We started the day with art and yoga classes. In art class, we used glue, tissue paper, and shapes to depict the sun. In yoga, we focused on mindful breathing and stretching. Sometimes it can be nice to escape the craziness of camp and a group of us did that today at the Writing Workshop. We wrote stories reflecting on the prompt: “Wow, I can’t believe I said that!”

The last group of us went to a woodworking class at the South Mountain Company. Not only did they build our AMAZING new cabin, they also helped us create picture frames and boxes to help us remember camp.

The sun was out in full force today, so we had to go to the beach! Who knew putting on sunscreen could be so fun!It’s been faaaar too long since Sully was featured on the blog. Here’s some photos of her!As Cathy showed us, swimming isn’t the only water activity you can do at the beach!When we got back from the beach, we had some time to hang around camp. Downtime at camp means one thing: POSITIVE TOUCHES! Downtime at camp also gets our creative juices flowing, so we decided to have a STUDIO NIGHT. Everyone was amazed by how good members of our community are at singing, dancing, performing impressions, doing CPR on plastic dolls, cooking, and showcasing other incredible talents.Scott and Keenan created an original song titled “Poop-hemean Rhapsody.” We expect it to top the charts any day now. The camp leafblower made a surprise return when Jason demonstrated the correct way to clear foliage from a stage. Thoroughly impressed by everyone in our camp community, we went to bed looking forward to Illumination Night tomorrow and PROM on Sunday!




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