A 5K and Dance Party: All in One Day!

You read that right! A 5K and dance party all in one day (with a nice rest period in between)! Here’s how it went: Today was an early one for some campers who ran the 10th annual Camp Jabberwocky 5K! We had 10 campers compete in the race! Everyone did great!

A huge congrats goes to Jeremy and Lev for winning the chair category on the men’s side.

Another huge congrats goes to Tori and her running crew (Addy, Walt, and Keagan) for winning the chair category on the women’s side.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the campers woke up to the sun and had a delicious breakfast of egg sandwiches and fruit. They then watched a movie in the studio! A relaxing art class followed.

Everyone met up again at camp for lunch of scrumptious sandwiches. After a busy morning the campers had a choice to head to the beach, rest at camp, or go into town.

We made the best of our rest period to save up energy for the highlighter dance party! We all had a blast! (Pics to follow! Please stay tuned for a blog post containing miscellaneous pics from August Camp events (dance party, illumination night, fun at the fair, etc.)

Tomorrow we get to sleep in a little to get energised for the final full day (sad!) of August Camp. We will treasure it and make it the best! See you on tomorrow’s post.





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