Day Four: Let’s Act… Again!

Day Four: Let’s Act… Again!

Happy Friday! Today, we began our day with a flavorful brunch from The Net Result, a charming local seafood market off the docks of Vineyard Haven. After stuffing ourselves with goodness, we went straight to the beach!


Tonight was Studio Night, so prior to eating dinner, all the cabins got together to craft skits and other performances for the show. At half past 6 we celebrated two birthdays with cheesecake and ice cream: happy birthday Richard and Chris M. (you can find their pictures at the bottom of this post)!! Then it was showtime…


Pop Quiz! 

The next two photos show one of the birthday boys, one policeman, and Emeline. Can you tell who’s who?

And finally, a photo of Chris M. celebrating his birthday with a breakfast at The Black Dog Tavern (an annual tradition)!

That’s all for today! See you on Saturday!





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