Day 7: The Princess Bride Has Arrived!

Day 7: The Princess Bride Has Arrived!

TODAY was the day we had all been waiting for… the day of the play !!!

We practiced all morning and held a full dress rehearsal. After we finished, we packed up a few boxes of fresh PB&J and embarked on one final excursion to the beach to bask in the hot and sunny afternoon…

Then it was time to head back for the big night! Following a pizza dinner, we threw on our costumes and got into character!

The studio was packed to the brim… and Grandpa began his story:

“Once all was said and done, there was a party!”

*cue I Wanna Dance With Somebody* ♫


We are so grateful that you chose to spend the evening with us and hope you enjoyed our production.

And that concludes period four…

to conclude today’s post, here are a few snippets from a lil donut adventure that happened sometime this past week:


with the world’s largest (yes, it’s definitely official) apple fritter! thank you Backdoor Donuts for letting us have a bite!





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