Day 4: Oak Bluffs Adventures and more!

Day 4: Oak Bluffs Adventures and more!

Play practice, play practice, play practice! We spent the morning digging through and arranging costumes (no photos to be revealed yet because they’re a surprise, come out on Monday at 7 PM if you’re curious!) as well as practicing our singing, dancing, and individual parts!

Prior to lunch, we also squeezed in a few rounds of freeze dancing and handball.

Despite filling our stomachs up with an egg-cellent assortment of breakfast burritos that morning, when the bell rang at noon we were ready to eat again! And so we enjoyed a lunch of pizza, grilled cheese, hot dogs, and so much more. Because we were taking an excursion to Oak Bluffs in the evening, we also decided to make subs for dinnertime later (wow, did we seriously just talk about all three meals in one paragraph?). A few cabins also ate at the Black Dog today:

The Bandersnatches, for breakfast

The Mimsy Cabin, for lunch

We took the afternoon slow, starting it off with an hour-long rest period. The campers then got to decide what they wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon doing; activities included Owen Park Beach, a water “fight” on the field, beading/music on the art porch, biking, and meditation/yoga in the tranquil yurt.

Around 4 o’clock we grabbed our homemade subs and loaded the bus for our trip to Oak Bluffs. Here, some of us went fishing out at sea on the Skipper. The rest of us ate on the docks while watching the boats roll out into the harbor and beyond. We then strolled around town, exploring the neighborhood’s charming boutiques and ice cream parlors:

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings… See you again soon!





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