Last day, perfect way is to end with a soirée!

Hey friends! Want to hear about the last day of the first week of August camp? AND it’s not even August yet! Crazy, right? 

We started our day off right with breakfast on the beach and since Vineyarders are apparently late risers, we had the beach all to to ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious frittatas and donuts before grabbing our floaties and getting some quality ocean time. 

After a refreshing swim, we headed back to camp for lunch and packing, while also managing to fit in some time to exercise our artistic sides on the art porch. 

Then, when Big Ben struck 6:30pm, we headed to the Royal Wedding dinner and reception. We weren’t invited to the one in England, so we decided to throw our own on the island. (And we’re pretty sure the dancing was better at camp.) 

We have had so much fun this week and can’t wait to make more memories, but will definitely miss our friends heading home tomorrow. Thanks for a great week!

Also someone tell Donna to leave some fluff for the rest of us!




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