We’re gonna need some bigger boats…

This morning we were lucky enough to have some exceptional classes once again! We had some classics like art and pottery, but then we had some additional classes like crabbing with Kellen, wedding planning with Kelsey and Spoon Cosby, Harry Potter class with Adrianne and Jamie, and archery with Alex. 

Also, Jake asked Harry to prom, and he jumped for joy (only three times!)

Then we scarfed some lunch, took a quick nap, played a little sportsball down on the field, and then split off to go on three big adventures!

The first group went kayaking with the Trustees of the Reservation! They kayak with us several times a summer, point out all the magical nature of the island, and show us their favorite secret lilypad spot.

The second group hung out in Oak Bluffs, did a little shopping, and grabbed some dinner! Gyre and Gimble knocked back a few VIRGIN daiquiris then rode that sugar rush all the way home.

The third group hopped aboard the Skipper fishing boat with Captain John and set out to catch some SHARKS (and other sea creatures). We always love our Skipper trips, even though the fish are sometimes a little terrifying up close… 

We were so grateful to spend our time outside today, because unfortunately there’s a bit more rain in the forecast. Thankfully, New England Disabled Sports is here and currently camping in our field, so they will be able to take a bunch of us indoor rock climbing tomorrow!

Good night for now… or good morning if you are reading this at a more reasonable hour!





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