Jojo told us to do a rain dance….

Before we get into TODAY, take a look at our month ahead- it is going to be an amazing summer!

SO it turns out, Jojo should have told us to do a SUN DANCE last night instead of a rain dance.

However, a little water falling from the sky never stopped us… we woke up, filled our bellies and sang our hearts out at music class. Sign, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours! The music and dancing took us out of our gloomy clouds as we moved on to two class periods.

“Rub Your Face In It” was a big hit as always. Thanks Hannah! Incase you were curious, grape water was something that most people would like to rub their face in.

Actual grapes were not as popular…

Mike taught wand making… and captured the attention of people of all ages.

A really fun crew baked some chocolate chip cookies…

… and a dance class is always guaranteed at camp…

Then we filled our bellies again! Everyone shared what they did during their morning activities and, in typical Jabberwocky style, everything ended in a dance party!

The prom-posals NEVER STOP.

Cathy and Kam pose after the big moment:

Kendra decided to keep up her pattern and take the one and only Jake to the prom. We are all excited to see what they decide to wear this year…..

This afternoon we all dreamed of the beach, but the rain convinced us to keep having fun. Welcome to Jabbervegas!! Games kept us happy and competitive.



They are here in real form AND cardboard cut-out form:

They made their Famous Sloppy Jojo’s which were really big and covered in BBQ sauce, so no complaints there. Except that we could have eaten approximately 5 more of them.

We ended the day with Challenge Night which included dance-offs, sing-offs, kissing feet, impressions, tongue twisters, massages, wrestling and pure joy.

Tonight we will learn from our mistakes and do a SUN DANCE instead of a rain dance so tomorrow will be very sunny and full of sun and sunshine and we will wear sunscreen!

Until tomorrow,

Love, Camp


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