Camp Jabberwocky’s 65th Birthday!

Thursday night campers and counselors got the treat of going to Camp Jabberwocky’s 65th birthday celebration and fundraiser at the Boat Club in Edgartown. It was an incredibly beautiful put together event that truly celebrated the magic that is Camp Jabberwocky.


Liza gave an amazing speech about camp, its history and what it’s meant to peoples lives over the last 65 years.

It was really a special sight to see the campers, volunteers, and community that helps support Jabberwocky all in one place celebrating the same thing. There was a great atmosphere throughout the club and after Liza’s speech everyone sang a song together, we did the song ‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers which was a perfect choice.

After we sang we had a birthday cake for camp and everyone sang the happy birthday song, Cy and Liza blew out the candles and we finished the night eating cake outside and on the dance floor!

Here’s to 65 years of endless fun at Camp Jabberwocky!


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