Wowee, day three!

Wowee, day three!

Off to the races! What a day it has been!

We started our breakfast with freshly baked and scrumptious muffins and croissants to fuel up for the busy day ahead. Some of us gathered at Misty Meadows for a morning of horseback riding and grooming. The rest of us stayed at camp to unleash our inner creativity through music, dance, pottery, and watercolor classes. What a morning!!

Then we headed to lunch for pizza bagels (what a combo!) before getting ready for a walk around town and a hang at the beach.

We also stopped at Mad Martha for our favorite ice cream:

For dinner, we made our own tacos using a diverse assortment of toppings and ingredients. We couldn’t eat for long… because we had an evening party at the Boathouse Club to attend! Everyone got dressed and we all quickly scrambled onto the bus. The field house was absolutely magnificent and we enjoyed a night of dancing and donuts (!!) as a live band played for us.

We concluded the night with a presentation on the history and current events of Jabberwocky for all our guests and broke into a community sing as the moon rose in the distance.




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