Horses and goats and alpacas, oh my!

Hello world! We woke up pooped today after our 4th of July festivities, but pulled it together to clean up camp and enjoy the last full day of session 1!

Camp broke up and took a few small trips today… Some friends went horseback riding!

Some friends went to the alpaca farm!

Mimsy, winners of Sunday’s cabin inspection, feasted like kings:

Also it’s Faith’s birthday today! Happy birthday Faith!!

And some friends visited a goat farm, with… wait for it…. 170 GOATS!!!


More goats!

Goats in trees!

Kendra was hesitant at first….

But she warmed up to them.

Kara jumped at the opportunity to herd the goats.

Seth and Keenan are dropping a new mixtape, “Goats and Bros”.

Then we took our last beach trip of the first session. 

Dick, master of sun protection. 

Our lifeguards-in-training kept a close eye on the water.

We’ll miss all of our friends who are leaving us, but the Skye’s the limit for session 2!


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