So nice, we’re doing it twice!

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After taking a couple days to do some laundry, host a thank you BBQ for Island people who help Camp Jabberwocky all summer, and take a whole lotta naps, Camp Jabberwocky is BACK and ready to have an amazing second session of Family Camp!

We scooped up all our old friends at the ferry and got to meet some exciting new friends! Ian, Jenny, and their families came all the way from Colorado for the weekend, thanks to our buddy Max who made the trip possible! We can’t wait to get to know them better and they are already fitting right in!

Everyone has gotten taller, kinder, smarter, funnier, and older since last year, and it is so much fun to reconnect and hear about all our busy years and summers! Thankfully, there was plenty of time to catch up and hang out this afternoon, primarily on swings.

After reconnecting, we decided to try to trade some family members through our family-sales-pitches. Families worked super hard on their ad, some sang songs, others danced, even more started advertising all the amazing adventures they go on and sports they play! It totally worked, so Kelsey is now living with Santo and Jesse, Ramana and Molly are Flacks, Zach has a new sister named Alexis, and Liza has adopted all of us to live in her basement. What a cool family we are!

Speaking of family, our other family members AJ and Nicole and Bridgette came by to make delightfully delicious popsicles with us and to give us super amazing henna! Thank you guys so much!!

Then we filled our plates with incredible chicken and pasta from Laura, Jeff, David, Jane, and Joan- our super-chefs! They thoughtfully didn’t make dessert, because they know our first-night tradition of walking into town for ICE CREAM!!!

When we got back, a nice cozy fire was in the fireplace, so some of us got ready for bed and others got a little cozy to unwind before a full day tomorrow with our family camp fam! It’s going to be a great weekend.




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