Well hey! Funny seeing you here! What’s that? You want to know what we did in classes today? Well we can’t give you details because we don’t want to spoil our PLAY THAT IS HAPPENING ON WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6TH.  But we can show you these pictures that are worth 1,000 words!

Then we went to the beach! It was just what we needed on a hot day like today. If it wasn’t for our grumbling tummies, we probably would not have left. But we did, because we were hungry.

This evening we went in a couple different directions. Lev, Isabel, Taylor, Gage, Robbie, and Katie classed it up and spent the night at the opera!

A big group went to go find some calm that comes before the storm of the play. Funnily enough they found it on a beautiful clear night in Menemsha watching the sunset.

A smaller group of us found peace in self care, so we hung back for face masks, nail painting, and massages. 

Well soothed, we shall float to bed and dream of the lyrics we need to memorize.




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