Kicking Camp Into Gear

We woke up excited this morning because today was the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES! We had fun creating non-representational abstract art, performing musical theater, practicing yoga, and playing basketball.

  Some of us visited our friend Rebecca at the Native Earth Teaching Farm during class periods for a foraging lesson. We learned all about edible plants on the island and got to try some ourselves, but the real highlight of the trip was Rebecca’s BABY GOATS!    After lunch, all of camp went behind the studio for a game of KICKBALL. We’re not really sure who won, but it was clear that everyone had a great time! Matt lines up his shot…makes solid contact with the ball…and celebrates with Seth!The cheer squad made sure everyone felt supported. All that running around got us all sweaty, so a WATER FIGHT broke out!When the kickball game was finished, some of us relaxed around camp and enjoyed each other’s company. And others went to town for ICE CREAM!!! After dinner, we put on our PJs, got comfy in the NEW MAIN CABIN, and watched Muppets from Space.

A small group of us headed into Vineyard Haven to see Rocketman, and everyone was so captivated by the movie that they forgot to take photos.

We’re all ready for a good night’s sleep, because we need to be well rested for DRUMMING ON THE BEACH tomorrow!



P.S. Skye asked Merry to prom this afternoon…SHE SAID YES!


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