Beauty All Around Us

This morning we had a special treat! Traeger and Kenneth, artists that will be helping with tonight’s Jabberwocky Art Show came down to teach us how to paint. We all walked down to Owen Park where they had set up large canvases and paint.  Some campers went down to the beach to paint the scenery up close, others stayed in the shady gazebo. These paintings will all be displayed in the Art Show. 

IMG_9280 IMG_9277 IMG_9273 IMG_9287 IMG_9286 IMG_9293 IMG_9288 IMG_9299 IMG_9295 IMG_9300 IMG_9304 IMG_9301 IMG_9307 IMG_9312 IMG_9311 IMG_9322 IMG_9319 IMG_9328 IMG_9327 IMG_9339 IMG_9330 IMG_9344 IMG_9340 IMG_9346 IMG_9349 IMG_9347 IMG_9364 IMG_9352


After an afternoon at the beach, camp split up for evening activities. Some of the campers went on the Skipper Boat to catch some fish. Others went into town and had a picnic dinner and ice cream. 

Kip admired the yummy fish that he caught. We better cook that first!

Chris welcomed his fish onto the boat.

IMG_9367 IMG_9385 IMG_9382 IMG_9393 IMG_9388 IMG_9402 IMG_9399 IMG_9394 IMG_9415 IMG_9409 IMG_9417 IMG_9444

Steph caught a big one!

IMG_9439 IMG_9436 IMG_9455 IMG_9448 IMG_9468 IMG_9462 IMG_9481 IMG_9479 IMG_9476 IMG_9482 IMG_2857

Another great Vineyard day with a perfect sunset. If you are in town today, come join us for the Jabberwocky Art Show.

Also, tomorrow is our Variety Show, which is in place of the usual camp play. Join us at 7PM at Camp Jabberwocky to join the fun.


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