O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!


After a whole 5 and a half days of an empty camp, we dusted off the red bus, washed our camp shirts, and marched on down to the Vineyard Haven Steamship Authority to pick up our friends for another month of fun!

I promise you that all our adventures today were well documented with beautiful pictures of every single camper. HOWEVER, the Internet seems to have other ideas and has rejected all but the following 10 pictures. 

Please do not fret, dear reader! I, your dutiful blogger, will investigate the problem and will solve it by tomorrow night. Until then, please enjoy the abridged version of the first day back at camp!


We got all dressed up in our very best clothing (courtesy of the costume cabin) and stretched out our hugging muscles.


Although the ride on the ferry boat was a blast, it was nothing compared to seeing all our very best friends in the whole world!

We were so happy that lunch went by in a (very delicious) blur. Then, we were off again, as we made our way to the beach.



Finally, we returned back to camp to clean up and chow down. After another delicious meal, we packed up AGAIN and went to Big Pier at West Chop to watch the sunset. 


Shout out to Hannah H. and Annette, our newest friends. You can see Hannah’s beautiful face above, and there will be plenty of pictures of Annette to come!


Together, with our friends–both old and new–we watched the sun sink down on the first of many frabjous days together! Can’t wait to tell you all about tomorrow… with even more pictures!!




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