Cabin bonding and Bluegrass dancing!

Today we wanted to make sure everyone got to try something new or do their favorite activity one more time before Camp ends. Which, if you think about it, is a very silly way to plan our day because Camp’s not ending ever! But we did it, anyway. Some of these activities included: going to the beach, painting with Madeline, bike riding, the alpaca farm, bowling, going to the arboretum, Oak Bluffs, Aquinnah, and the movies!
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Katie did an incredible portrait of JoJo, because we love JoJo! #welovejojocampjabberwocky16day25-8 campjabberwocky16day25-9campjabberwocky16day25-10campjabberwocky16day25-11campjabberwocky16day25-12campjabberwocky16day25-13campjabberwocky16day25-14campjabberwocky16day25-15campjabberwocky16day25-16campjabberwocky16day25-17campjabberwocky16day25-18campjabberwocky16day25-19campjabberwocky16day25-20campjabberwocky16day25-21campjabberwocky16day25-22campjabberwocky16day25-23campjabberwocky16day25-24campjabberwocky16day25-25campjabberwocky16day25-26campjabberwocky16day25-27campjabberwocky16day25-28campjabberwocky16day25-29campjabberwocky16day25-30campjabberwocky16day25-31campjabberwocky16day25-32IMG_7255

Scott had a really special trip planned, where he got to visit the radio DJs at WMVY, his favorite radio station! Thank you to Alison and the WMVY crew for giving Scott the best afternoon ever!! Here’s something he wrote about it:

I had fun today at MVY radio! I met my good friend Alison Hammond and this is the first time we ever met face to face! Before that, we were Facebook friends. I cried when I first saw her because I was so happy! We took a tour of the studio and I just want to say thank you to them! 

IMG_8883 IMG_8884

All these separate cabin trips were a great way to make sure everyone had an incredible day, but the only down side was that we all missed each other toooooo much. So we were very happy to spend the evening back together as a large pile of Camp enjoying a picnic and a bluegrass concert at Featherstone! Thank you to Michelle and Peter for the photos!

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The good news now is that we had a great day and will have a great day tomorrow, and for the next 20 weeks of Camp! The bad news is the last part of that sentence is a blatant lie. We’ll make the absolute most out of tomorrow though, as we do with every day, and we will boldly ignore whatever lies in front of us beyond that.




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