Throwback Thursday! Also the PLAY IS TOMORROW AT 7PM!

Hello everyone!! THE PLAY IS TOMORROW AND SATURDAY AT 7 PM AT CAMP! Please come if you can! We’ve been hard at work rehearsing and building props all day and night, so there aren’t many exciting pics to share. As a result, please enjoy all these throwback photos from this session, with a couple sneaking in from the first session! 

See you tomorrow if you can make it!!!! 

#throwbackthursday #tbt #campjabberwocky 

IMG_7219 IMG_7221 camp (2 of 10) camp (3 of 10) camp (1 of 10) IMG_7020.JPG IMG_6976.JPG IMG_4177.JPG IMG_4194.JPG IMG_4212.JPG IMG_4225.JPG IMG_4254.JPG IMG_4350.JPG IMG_5331.JPG IMG_5334 IMG_5294.JPGIMG_5309IMG_2797IMG_2814IMG_2816IMG_4792IMG_9888.JPGIMG_3802.JPGIMG_3797.JPGIMG_0268FullSizeRendercamp (6 of 10)camp (7 of 10)camp (8 of 10)camp (10 of 10)IMG_8593IMG_8923IMG_0946IMG_0917.JPGIMG_0914.JPGIMG_0909IMG_0887.JPGIMG_0882.JPGIMG_0934.JPGIMG_1206




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