Law and Order (and paddle boarding!)

Hello everyone! Today we really started buckling down and working on the songs and blocking for THE PLAY WHICH IS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY JULY 15TH AND 16TH AT 7PM. 

We worked on individual scenes in the morning and then came together in the afternoon to rehearse in the studio. After so many hours of being patient, we wanted a little drama to liven things up. So we decided to host a murder mystery dinner, of course!

The story was that Johanna “JoJo” DeSlavy and Matthew “Spoon” Cosby invited us all to their wedding reception to celebrate their new marriage. However, partway through dinner with his closest friends and family, Spoon suddenly dropped dead on the carpet! At first it seems as though he merely choked, but then it comes out that he had been poisoned! What ensued was a lot of suspicious behavior from a few suspects, followed by a SWAT team arrest, trial, and punishment. 

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Besides the Dateline-style dinner, we didn’t do a lot of activities that lent themselves to beautiful photos, so here are a lot of amazing paddle boarding pictures from a couple days ago from Rosie! Thank you, Rosie!

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Tomorrow will be more of the same rehearsal, so get excited for a big collection of guest bloggers and photos from things we did the past week!

See everyone who can make it on FRIDAY AND/OR SATURDAY AT 7PM FOR THE PLAY.




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