Waaaah and YAY!

Today was the worst day and the best day! We woke up this morning sadly, ate breakfast sadly, and said goodbye sadly to some truly wonderful campers and counselors who were only with us for the first couple weeks. We also swapped camper and counselor pairings, so we were spending our morning saying goodbye to all our cabinmates and trying to find all of our socks. Goodbye forever, socks. 

But then- something amazing happened! A whole new batch of beamish friends came traipsing up the driveway and into our arms! Just when we thought we were never going to be happy again, we were! We unpacked and decorated our new cabins and got to catch up about our years, plus we are getting to know some fantastic new people! 

And there’s no better way to catch up with people besides over ice cream, right?? So we definitely had to load up and head to Menemsha for some ice cream! 

Andres was pumped to get on the bus for the first time! He’s a new camper and we’re so excited that he’s here!

jabb2016day15-1 jabb2016day15-2

This is Holly’s second year, and she’s wasted no time saying hi to all her friends from last summer! 

Hey everyone, Bethie’s baaaaaack!!jabb2016day15-5 jabb2016day15-6 jabb2016day15-7

Dom is back too!!! But ice cream eating was far too serious of a matter to pose for something as frivolous as a photo.

Sophie is a camper who is new to July but went to August camp last year! We’re so excited to get to know her and hang out!jabb2016day15-9 jabb2016day15-13

Shirley is back, everyone!! Here’s her posing for a “candid” ice cream shotjabb2016day15-11 jabb2016day15-12

Jon is here! Jon is here! Also, in case you didn’t know, Jon has his own Camp theme song, which we have already begun teaching to all the new folks! Welcome back, Jon! Hope we add more verses this summer!jabb2016day15-10 IMG_8363

After ice cream, we rushed back to eat dinner! Only one person could possibly make us want to eat so much food right after eating dessert, and that person is CHEF JOSH!!! Yayyy!! After a pasta feast, we spent the evening hearing stories from all the new people! Here’s some fuzzy cell phone photos of that because apparently things get dirty at Camp and maybe you forget to bring a nice camera to dinner because you’re too busy stuffing your face with pasta. These things happen to the best of us!


Sue regaled us with the story of how she hurt her foot this year, which made us wonder if she actually did just do it for the story! And for the sweet boot that matches Jordan’s… IMG_8372

Leif is here! And guess what?! He had quite a story about a deer to share!IMG_8375 IMG_8388

Holly sang Amazing Grace beautifully and set the bar HIGH for studio night tomorrow!IMG_8396

Dom did a dance performance for us instead of telling a story, but you know what they say- a dance is worth a thousand words!IMG_8404 IMG_8409 IMG_8410

Sophie introduced herself and told us about how she is here with her cousins Maya and Gabi!

And last but never ever ever least is SKYLAR!! Who was too modest to go up to the front to tell a story, but stood up to raucous applause and told us about his love of David Ortiz! 

IMG_8415 copy

ALSO Katie, a new camper, was introducing herself to everyone today and was so happy to be at Camp, but unfortunately she was moving too fast to be captured on camera! So look forward to sooo many pics with her tomorrow and forever, Katie’s family and friends.

Also also, two magnificent Camp Looking Glass people arrived late tonight, so be sure to hear more about them tomorrow, too!

Now, we have all started to get settled into our new camp routines and we can’t wait to have even more fun tomorrow!




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