‘Twas the night before the Fourth of July…

This is another collaborative guest blog from Scott because his counselor is currently covered in hot glue and spray paint and is unable to blog at the moment… Enjoy!

From where we left off yesterday, we went to the beeeeeach and had a sandy and necessary rest period.


After rest period, we went in the water to cool off from the heat! Then, after spending so much time in the ocean, we had a craving to watch Finding Nemo. This was ALSO in preparation for watching Finding Dory, which we are excited to do on Tuesday!

IMG_5239 IMG_5272 IMG_5246 IMG_5262 IMG_5216 IMG_5206 IMG_5151.JPG IMG_5170.JPG IMG_5163.JPG IMG_5161.JPG IMG_5159.JPG IMG_5165.JPG IMG_5158 IMG_5164.JPG IMG_5288-1 IMG_5172.JPG copy

For the evening reading, Scott read his Wikipedia article that he wrote three years ago for a class. The reading talked about his first communication device and the wonderful Kim Ho, who was his first speech language pathologist. Here’s a lot of pictures of her and her family. Kim also took almost all of these photos for the blog today, thank you Kim!!

IMG_5327 IMG_5298 IMG_5247 IMG_5371

Today was more parade preparations, with both counselors and campers working their fingers and toes to the bone to make their costumes and props. Patty and Scott raced to finish painting tea cups for the float with their feet, and Patty totally crushed Scott! Sorry, Scott.

IMG_8290 IMG_8293 IMG_8292 IMG_8288 IMG_5365 IMG_5116.JPG IMG_5118.JPG IMG_5434 IMG_5435

We had a break between parade prep and dinner, so we made the most of our brief gasp of freedom. Some people went biking around the neighborhood, while others went to town and chugged as much coffee as they could, then topped it all off with some ice cream because a balanced diet is important. 


One person who didn’t go into town today was Sam. He instead spent hours in the kitchen measuring, chopping, and cooking us an absolutely incredible chili dinner! Thank you so much, Sam! It was so delicious!!


We’re really tired from crafting so much but the counselors will stay up as late as it takes to make sure everyone is looking their best and wonderland-iest for the parade tomorrow! If you’re on the island, please come and scream your lungs out with us as we dance our way through Edgartown!




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