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Hi, I’m Scott your guest blogger for Kelsey. We’re doing parade prep. I can’t believe the parade is in three days! Wow! We’re so excited. I was maleficent last year and I can’t wait to be the Mad Hatter this year. It’s time to reveal the parade theme: Alice In Wonderland. I can’t wait for the pictures and all the people in the crowd. Yesterday we watched the past parade theme pictures. We’re going to the beach today. We love the beach. I love the water and tonight we are having JoJo’s famous dinner. It’s one of my favorite dinners because I love the way she makes plantains.

One of the campers has a new eye gaze board for camp where she stares at certain letters and says yes or no for what she wants to say. She loves communicating to everyone at camp with it. Patty struggles to talk and we thought this would be easier. Patty showed us how to use it at dinner last night.

IMG_8262 IMG_8264

I helped Patty and Kim edit a short video yesterday of Patty using her board saying yes and no and staring at certain letters. Kim is a speech language pathologist that I’ve known since I was 5 years old. She invited me to Camp Jabberwocky in 2001.

We have change-over-day coming up on the 6th. We can’t wait for change over day even though we say goodbye to some campers and counselors. This has been fun and Kelsey will hopefully be back tomorrow.





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