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Today was another perfect day! We woke up to an overcast morning, but that didn’t stop us from being outside as much as possible. We had our first horseback riding trip at Rising Tide, and we were thrilled to see Cara again and say hi to Spice and Deborah! 

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Spice missed Scott so much that she rubbed her face right up against him!jabb2016day7-21 jabb2016day7-20 jabb2016day7-19 jabb2016day7-18 jabb2016day7-17

While waiting patiently for his turn, Seth kept up with the local scoop with Selby
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A few lucky riders got to go on trails through the woods, while others practiced turning in the corral jabb2016day7-4 jabb2016day7-3


After classes and a delicious quesadilla lunch, we took a quick nap and then woke ourselves up with a little head-to-head kickball competition! Thank you Rosie for taking such amazing pictures!

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The Tigers definitely won, because there are in fact winners and losers in games, but in the bigger game of life we were all certainly winners today. jabb2016day7-55

Kickball made us work up a sweat, so we were looking forward to some beach breeze to cool us down. Then we were excited to see Rick and dance off our s’mores. Unfortunately, the drummers couldn’t make it tonight because of a percussion predicament. That didn’t stop our beach dreams, though, so we decided to have a classic camp cookout and a good ol’ fashioned bonfire. 

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Check out Myles2. Cooler than you or I will ever be.jabb2016day7-63 jabb2016day7-64

Caroline came by and serenaded us with all the campfire hits!jabb2016day7-65

We feel badly that you can’t enjoy the delicious s’mores we had, but here’s the next best thing: a photo series of Scott enjoying one of the delicious s’mores we had.jabb2016day7-66 jabb2016day7-67 jabb2016day7-68 jabb2016day7-69

Awwww yeah.

Here’s Hannah enjoying some time with our new nursie, Tyler!
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Hey look, a photo of the Ho Family! The Ho Family is here!


Speaking of the Ho Family, look at all these incredible speech and behavioral tools Kim has been teaching us this week! She has helped empower campers and counselors to be their best selves and we love her and her family. Thank you, Kim!

IMG_4349 IMG_4347 IMG_4141 IMG_4352

We had a great day, as you can tell! Now we are all tucked into bed with tiny piles of sand from our clothes and socks. It’s hard wearing sneakers to the beach.





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