First Beach Day of the Summer!

Hello everyone!! 

Today was the first full week of Camp Jabberwocky! Oh wait, it was just the first full day, but we packed so much into it that it could easily have been a week! 

We woke up this morning to the calm, earth-shattering clanging of JoJo and the Jeanne Campbell Camp Bell, tried to juggle everyone’s morning bathroom routines in the cabins, ate some deeeelicious berries and cereal, then headed off to the first classes of the summer! 

This year, we decided it would be a great idea to have a fully functional archery course at Camp! And it sure was a great idea, because we’ve done the Color Games for the past few years and now we’re ready for the Hunger Games this year! Hope that’s a joke!

IMG_5291 IMG_7389 IMG_4111 IMG_1193

We also had some classic classes like the ever-popular art, pottery, sports, and dance classes!

jabb2016day1-2 jabb2016day1-3 jabb2016day1-4 jabb2016day1-5 jabb2016day1-6 jabb2016day1-7 jabb2016day1-8 jabb2016day1-9 jabb2016day1-10


Our co-blogger for the first couple weeks, Scott, went around to a few classes and snapped some pictures for ya. Thank youuuuu Scott! Here’s some pictures of Scott planting flowers with his feet and ringing the bell, followed by some beautiful portraits he took of friends.

jabb2016day1-11 jabb2016day1-12 jabb2016day1-13 jabb2016day1-14 jabb2016day1-15

In case anyone is concerned, Matt is not in a body bag but is in fact alive and well, with an incredible piece of pottery to account for this very recyclable outfit.IMG_5857


jabb2016day1-16 jabb2016day1-17

After classes, we washed the clay and dirt out from underneath our fingernails then immediately grabbed some pizza bagels that the lunch crew made! Then we had a miniature food coma and loaded up for the BEACH.

The beach was sunny and sandy, the water was cold and crabby, and it was all wonderful. So many people started working on their base tans and lounging in some of our many floatation devices. 

jabb2016day2-35 jabb2016day2-33 jabb2016day2-34 jabb2016day2-31 jabb2016day2-30jabb2016day2-2 jabb2016day2-26 jabb2016day2-25 jabb2016day2-24 jabb2016day2-23 jabb2016day2-20jabb2016day2-14 jabb2016day2-12 jabb2016day2-9 jabb2016day2-6 jabb2016day2-4 jabb2016day2-8IMG_1919

IMG_7143 IMG_7149 IMG_7153 IMG_7142 IMG_7146

After the beach, we showered, enjoyed another delicious meal by Michelle and Bella surrounded by friends, then quickly turned into frenemies as we began an epic challenge night! What’s challenge night, some of you might be thinking? Well, Patty’s sister JoJo, challenge night is when campers and counselors can challenge each other in front of the whole camp to any kind of competition, including arm wrestling, silly hat wearing, dancing, joking, and even making animal noises! 


George challenged Hannah to an arm wrestling contest…jabb2016day2-1

…and beat her! She put up a valiant fight, though.jabb2016day2-3 jabb2016day2-5

Dick won the model face contest with flying colors, despite all these beautiful contestants. jabb2016day2-15 jabb2016day2-16jabb2016day2-21

JoJo created an organizing challenge, and Michelle, Elizabeth, Brynn tried their hardest and cleanest but were unable to match the laundry sorting power of Chloe.jabb2016day2-17 jabb2016day2-18jabb2016day2-22 jabb2016day2-13jabb2016day2-27 jabb2016day2-29 jabb2016day2-32 jabb2016day2-36

Skye challenged JoJo to a barf-holding-in contest (no real barf was created or projectiled for the making of this contest). 


JoJo put up a good fight, but Skye got into her head and caused her to break! jabb2016day2-28

After that we scooted off to bed to get ready for another busy day of adventure tomorrow. 





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