Great news! Camp Jabberwocky will be on CBS This Morning! A short piece on camp is scheduled to air tomorrow morning, Tuesday 8/18. The show goes from 7:00 am – 9:00 am and the clip on Camp Jabberwocky is scheduled to air at 8:35 am EST. Tune in to check it out!

This morning, all the girl and women campers and their counselors went out for breakfast. Another group stayed back at camp and after breakfast took a trip to the library and did an art project. The third group went to visit Grey Barn cheese farm after breakfast, and that’s where the camera went too.


Peter and Chris B. listen raptly to the farmer.


Also, nice shirt, Andrew W.!




This is just a hometown attraction for Nathan.



I think these cows are called Belted Galloways. Or oreo cows.


“Let us out!”

The finished product!


Today was a really hot day, so it was perfect to go to the beach and feel the cool breeze and get in the water.



Bekah only arrived at camp yesterday, and we are so happy she did.



















Sunblocking up!





When was the last time you played Battleship?


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