Early this morning at our team meeting (AKA breakfast) we decided our best plan of attack for the day would be to divide and conquer all the fun things we needed to get done before lunch. The first line of troops marched out on an early scouting mission to Rising Tide Farm. Their reports were entirely positive! 




Celeste is a total horseback riding pro, and her skills put everyone else to shame!









_DSC0498 _DSC0507


While that crew was horsing around, the rest of camp was either enjoying morning activities or flying kites in Oak Bluffs– but they were having too much fun to remember to take pictures! 

We met back up at camp after our adventures, and demolished our lunches. The great food restored our energy and we headed right back out for the beach!





However, the combination of great food and beautiful weather was not as energizing for some people…










Corey’s first time in the ocean this year!!




The kite flying didn’t end in OB! Wyatt and Brie tried to navigate the wild winds of State Beach




We got caught up in the lovely weather at the beach and almost forgot to check our watches! We rushed back for showers, dinner, and preparations for…. STUDIO NIGHT!


Studio night is always fun. We get all dressed up and put on performances that showcase the many amazing abilities of our campers!


The Tulgeywood bros could easily be mistaken for a boy band



Moriah makes a stunning Elsa!



JubJub put together a stirring rendition of “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”



The night would not have gone nearly as smoothly without our fabulous hosts!









As you can see, we were very busy up on stage. We acted, danced, and sang our way right into bed. It was another great day to be a Jabberwockian!



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