If You Like Sunny Beach Days, and Cabin Challenges in the Rain…

Today was an emotional roller-coaster, at least according to the weather reports. It started off beautifully sunny, and with a clear sky. We ate breakfast and went to classes. 


Cupcake making class was a hit!



The beautiful Gabby is already starting on decorations for prom! can you guess what the theme is?


Paul was loving pottery class with Ben



A group from Bandersnatch and Momeraths went on a special trip to a private pool party, it was a blast!




Since the weather seemed to remain in a good mood, we continued the fun at the beach!




Thank goodness for Jack and Celeste, our vigilant lifeguards!


We had a friendly visitor, Chloe the counselor from July Camp. She and J-Lo hit it off!











We love having the Doctors Silva with us on our adventures!





Originally, the plan was to continue our evening at the beach but the sky had other plans. The thunder and lightening helped us decide to come back to camp for CABIN CHALLENGE NIGHT. 

Essentially, our panel of judges presented several challenges to each cabin and a camper representative was sent forth to compete. 


We had a competition for the biggest guns





Funniest laugh…








Who could walk the best with a plate on their head (Stacy cleaned up on that one!)






The infamous stinky feet competition…


_DSC0152And best dance moves!



Everyone did such a great job, and the judges couldn’t pick just one winner. The competition ended in a tie, and we all went to bed, tired but happy!





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