Cloudy with a Chance of a Stunning Sunset

Good news! Your ever-brilliant blogger has successfully avoided technical difficulties this evening, so get ready for a big ol’ blog post!

Today was our first full day of camp, which means our first full day of classes and activities.


Brie has started prepping us all for the play. We’re already learning the songs in music class!

Sarah and Chris got down in dance class

Sarah and Chris got down in dance class

MIchael had a blast in acting with Nora!

Michael had a blast in acting with Nora!





After classes, the weather forecast did not appear to be in our favor. So instead of everyone loading to go to the beach, we split up and went on separate adventures. A few brave souls made ventured to the beach with Jack while the rest of us made our own fun at camp or on trips to town.


We spent lots of time on the porch swings

We spent a little time on the porch swings…


Okay, maybe not just a little…

Like, a LOT of time...



Alright, we spent a LOT of time on the porch swings…

But we also went to town!



The wonderful ladies of Gyre and Gimble went to visit the original home of Camp Jabberwocky, Happy Daze in Oak Bluffs

We reconvened back at camp just in time for dinner. Then, we finished dinner just in time for the clouds to break. The sudden shift in the weather called for celebration, so we all hopped on the bus and made it to Big Pier in West Chop to watch the sunset. 


The beautiful scenery provided a great backdrop for all our photo ops





Nathan was bummed he didn’t make it to the beach today, but he still found time to show off his bod!


Never fear, although she’s a day late, Moriah is finally here!!! We’re so glad to have her back!


Corey made a new friend!



The dog and Sarah got along great as well








The water was too tempting for some of the counselors…


We even PIER-pressured Jacko to jump! (Hahaha get it?? Pier??)









Well, today was a day for the books! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.





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