Happy Birthday, Happy Wedding, Happy Camp

Wednesday was a JAM PACKED day here at Camp, but before we get into it you must know that our friend Eliza turned TWENTY-FOUR! We miiiiiiight be able to see the gray hair coming in, or maybe it is just the Vineyard sunshine… either way, we still love you.


Happy birthday, Eliza!!

We began the day with a few class periods which included making decorations for…. a wedding? (hmmmm).

Then we broke up into groups and headed out for lunch! Some went to Nancy’s in Oak Bluffs and enjoyed chicken fingers, french fries, hot dogs and grilled cheese (all covered with vegetables) by the water with an amazing view. The rest of us explored our hometown of Vineyard Haven. Don’t worry mom, Sam Stoddard finally got his pizza.


Myles and Sage checking out the boats


Becca rocking her Incredibles shirt. In case you were wondering, she’s Violet, and her twin sister Julia is Flash.

Never a bad time for a selfie with Matt

Never a bad time for a selfie with Matt


Dick and Caroline getting some sun on the dock in OB.


Amanda and Nancy J. just can’t get enough of Nancy’s! But we are not surprised.

After lunch we headed back to camp and loaded the bus for our first beach day of the summer!!


Sully and Elyse are the cutest pair in town


Scott and Eliza rock the boat with transition sunglasses and a cutout suit. Oolala!


As Jojo embraces the iPhone filters, Pete savors the feeling of sand between his toes.

Once we returned from the beach sun burnt kissed we got ready for the wedding!

Okay, fine, the suspense is probably killing you.

On June 6, 2015 our longtime friend, counselor, and bus driver Jake got married to his girlfriend Laura Tupper!! Since it is a camp tradition to celebrate our friend’s major life events, we, along with wedding planner Hope, threw together a wedding in 24 hours in typical Jabberwocky style.

Sam Wood officiated the official wedding back on the official date of June 6th, so naturally he did it again. (Are they double married now?)

Sam: “Laura. Do you take this man to be your husband?”

Laura: “I do.”

Sam: “Are you sure?”

(It’s ALWAYS good to be sure in these types of situations.)



The program included groomsmen Raymond, David, Seth, and George as well as photographer, Sam Stoddard.

Clearly, Jake and Laura got different memos as per the dress code.

Clearly, Jake and Laura got different memos as per the dress code.


Kendra walked Jake down the isle to your typical wedding tunes and the beautiful bride followed with her close friend, Paul Remy.  Their vows made the audience bawl their eyes out.  Basically, they love each other and Jake promised to make Laura cookies every Thursday. (Let’s see how long that lasts).


You best grab your tissues when Nancy J. takes the mike.

Paul Remy read a poem which also made us cry. Nancy Jesseau sang a song which also made us cry. Then we dried our tears and the groomsmen gave speeches about how much they love Jake. So we cried some more….

Finally, Jojo gave a moving speech where she took all of the credit for Jake and Laura’s relationship working out: “I think a few years ago when you first brought Laura here I said, “Jaaaakkkee, she’s a good one… don’t mess this up!”

Moral of the wedding: Leave your love life in Jojo’s hands because it will end in happiness and cookies.


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Palches!




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