A Turtle Event /Having Fun at the YMCA

This morning, we had a violin concert
by Olivia. 
It was a cultural event.

Then, a group of us went to Long Point Wildlife
Preserve to see some sea turtles being released
to the ocean.

We got star treatment with our own limo rides
to the beach.

Well, some of us got limo rides.

Here we are waiting, waiting…

Open those boxes!!

These are Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles.
They are the smallest and rarest sea turtle in the world.
These guys are 3-4 years old and cute as the dickens.

They were equipped with these satellite trackers 
which looked like they were super-glued to their backs.
You can track their movements over the next year at

There was a big crowd to see this rare event.

This one was shy and kept trying to hide between his flippers.

A Camp J photo with the celebrities.

And they’re off!

 Bye bye.
YMCA pool party!
We loved the slide.

After dinner, we dashed off to Illumination night.
I thought you’d like to see the houses without the crowds.

Annual photo at Happy Daze, the first home
of Camp J.


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