You Better Get Your Coffee and Grab a Seat, This is Gonna Take Awhile…

Today was prom, and we had prom fever, big time.
Ellen from MV florist came and showed us how
to make corsages and boutonnieres.
She donated all the supplies.
Thank you so much Ellen, everyone
loved this activity.

Since our other activity was tie-dying, we 
were very busy being creative.

Joyce Brigish and her friends came to make us lunch.
The wraps were amazing.
Thanks, ladies.

After a quick soggy trip to the beach, we got on our
60’s gear for our prom, Wockystock.
We looked pretty groovy.

Pat made a VW luv bug for us.

Since we never have enough photos, we took
more at the dance.
Nice backdrop, Danny.

That’s all folks!

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