All These Activities are Too Much For One Day

So, yesterday, (here we go again) was drippy and we
were afraid we wouldn’t be able to do the Mad Max.
But we loaded the bus, went to Edgartown in the 
rain-day traffic, and they were waiting for us.
We first played the “hurry up and wait game”
which I understand is played internationally.
We finally won and boarded our ship.

Not everyone was thrilled with the idea of getting
splashed in the chilly weather, so we
had the inside and outside (very brave)

Nathan was ready for foul weather in his
stylish Camp Jabberwocky poncho.
(If you were at the play you could have
purchased one for yourself. Maybe next year)

These are all “before” photos, cause the camera
went undercover when the waves started 
splashing and the rain hit.
We ain’t afraid of no rain.

After dinner we had a highlighter party.
You get brand new white t-shirts, attack them
with scissors, then write all over them with 
Then, you dance under black lights til the sweat
 is pouring off you 
and it’s so much fun you hate to stop.

And it looks like this, but moving very fast
in all directions.

And then, we’ll tie dye them and send them 
home in the campers’ suitcases.
Don’t worry, we’ll dry them first.


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