Breakfast on the Beach, and…..

This morning started with breakfast on the beach.
It was very relaxing and delicious.

Yet another sibs shot, 2 more from Florida.

Rub a Dub Dub….

We started working on our lines.

Brie begins her revisions.

We found 2 jellyfish, which Walt bravely captured
in buckets, and we had an impromptu science lesson,
called “Don’t Touch the Jellyfish”

After a quick lunch back at camp,
 and some time working on the play,
We were off to Flatbread Pizza to stuff ourselves
yet again, and do some dancing.

Thank you Flatbread, and Meredith, for a great time
and delicious pizza.
(and leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, 
which makes Fogey very happy)

Nice pizza costume, Claire.

Here’s Rahima, our nurse, with her family.

Time to dance!
(and pose for more photos)

After Flatbread, we went to the Dobbies, ate ice cream
(our favorite activity), and joined in the community
sing at the Tabernacle.
We are pooped.

Unfortunately, most of my photos look like this.
My poor camera just couldn’t decide what to focus on.
So, I gave up.

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