Lots of Photos Today. Enjoy

Here are some photos of our feeding frenzy
 at the Net Result today.
Sorry you missed it.

And, of course,some beach photos.

It’s a good place to take a nap.

We have lots of lifeguards.
We sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on the bus ride
to the beach. And Jack did.
The “boys” decided to enter the hotdog eating contest,
 (because they didn’t have enough lunch)
so they needed to do stretches beforehand so they’d be ready.
(I know, I don’t get it either.)

The first one to finish eating 4, would get a free t-shirt.
We do love free t-shirts.

They are an intimidating group.

Guillaume joined in the fun.
I don’t think they do this in France.

We cheered them on as they stuffed themselves.

Walt came in second, 
but I think he was feeling as ill as the winner.
Back to the game……

Nice looking sibs from WisCONsin.
Our number one fan.

Some of us caught fly balls, 
after the balls caught us (by surprise).

We love the Sharks!

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