A Blog Before Midnight, How Strange!

Oops, forgot to thank our guest chefs this morning,
Chris and Kirsti, who made us pancakes.
Their specialty was bacon/choc chip. Yum?
We were very excited to see the sun this morning.
We hurried through our morning activities 
so we could go early to the beach.

We practiced our dance moves for the play.

We made our lunch and took it to the beach.

We now have our own kayaks, 
so we can “yak” anytime we want.
So nice.

Allison thinks the water feels so nice and warm.
Well, maybe not as warm as Florida.

Nathan gets an assist into the boat, 
and almost over it.

Tonight we’re off to see the Vineyard Sound, 
so just sing “Zombie Jamboree” and you’ll be 
with us in spirit.

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