Sunny day and studio night!

Today was a beautiful sunny day, so we had a quick breakfast and then we got right outta camp and stayed there (for the afternoon)!

First we headed to Edgartown to eat by the Chappy ferry and explore all the ice cream shops within a 2 mile radius. There’s a lot.

Ben Winter wore 2 pairs of sunglasses.
Then we took a group photo by the pier!
Here’s a lot of pictures of us looking attractive:

After this trip, we hot-seated the vans so some people could go to the beach and others could get a little rest and then plan for STUDIO NIGHT!!
Even though we just put on a Broadway-quality show, we still had some creativity and stage life left in us, so we put on a killer studio night. Here’s a bunch of pictures from it!

Stef performed a sweet rap

Keverette was our emcee for the evening, since he is going to be a future game show host, so he titillated us with knock knock jokes and pranks he pulled on his grandma. APRIL FOOLS, GRANDMA! 

George stole the show with a Beatles song

Sharon sang Landslide while the Tulgeymamas backed her up

Matt told us about the witch!

Momeraths performed a skit written by Sam Wood

David, Seth, and Cathy deeply moved us with Lean on Me

Ken performed a song from Starlight Express! It was so good! Thank you Ken!

Paul loved it

Myles freakin’ killed it.
(that’s a good thing, all you older people)

As did Jesseau.

Myles and Tim (Vader and Luke) reenacted the Star Wars final battle, ending it the way it should have ended…

…with a hug and a nonlethal lightsaber duel. Just some father/son bonding time!

Then Kendra sang and her minions danced around her!

Dance, minions, dance!

Dom and Jon performed a song and dance routine to Runaround Sue, inspired perhaps by the Vineyard Sound’s rendition, but these two did it better (no offense, Vineyard Sound!)


Here is a series of Marie and Jordan performing the alphabet song and being very proud afterwards!

“YES. YES.” -everyone
BONUS: Claire in a dress and heels

Then the night ended with a lovely and goofy rendition of Yellow Submarine performed by Paul, Leif, and Scott. 

A what??
(a yellow submarine)

A WHAT?!?!
(a yellow submarine)


And now we will end this blog post with Momeraths and Myles with kittens:
Sam is scared of kittens. Watch his adorable torment.

“Awwwww” -Lori Stoddard.


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