Ben Winter is here.

Today we had some classes and varsity lunch making, and then had play rehearsal again, which looks about the same as it has always looked so we’ll spare you.

People are certainly singing more in key or at least louder, which is a good sign considering ROMEO AND JULIET IN LAS VEGAS IS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Also some of us have lines now and we have plenty of opportunities for blood and glitter to be involved so we strongly encourage you to get over here.

After play rehearsal we had drumming on the beach and then had s’mores, but we didn’t have chocolate bars so we made do with m+m’s and chocolate chips. Creative problem solving!

Paul loves the beach!

So does Seth, but he hid it well.

Here is a portrait of Keverette and the bus. 

Nancy was entertained by the Bausman boys  men

Here is one of our grillmasters

Stef and Marie spent the afternoon signing songs together! Songs like EIEIO, the color song, and brown bear brown bear, which isn’t a song but we like it anyway.

Lots of people spent time chatting on the beach

Ben Winter chatted on the beach.
Then Dave and Hank helped Pete try out the new beach chair that was generously given to us this year!

Pete was so excited to be able to float lazily around the ocean

Especially after Hank mushed him into the water


so lazy. so nice. Thank you for this chair!

Ben Winter showed Nathaniel something interesting on his phone.
Some people went kayaking with our new kayaks! 

Tim and Myles surfed in on the tandem looking like a sexy LL Bean ad, and then Seth and Ken took the next ride, looking like a tamer LL Bean ad.

Seth and Ken also rescued Nathaniel after his arms got tired from kayaking and he needed to be towed in.

Ben Winter wore a sleeveless zip hoodie.
Then David and Skylar built a wonderful sandcastle!

It was a great day for drumming on the beach, especially when the sun peaked out for a little bit!

Look, mom! The siblings are getting along!
And here are our creative s’mores, as well as JoJo trying very hard to eat them.

Good effort, JoJo

What a great adventure! See you tomorrow for more.


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