Some dancing, some water, some music.



Good day to you! Today was a good day to us. Want to see?

After church this morning, we started off with some serious dance auditions for the play.

They were so serious that we took hardly any photos of them. You’ll just have to come to the play if you want to see some dancing. Speaking of the play, it is happening so soon!

Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th 
at 7:30 PM
Here at camp! (200 Greenwood Ave, Vineyard Haven)

But don’t worry, Sue is about to plaster that info all over this island so you don’t forget.

After a couple hours of that, we were sweatier than we thought we could ever be. We rolled out into the field and had an epic water battle to fight the heat.

Look, Julia is back!

After dinner, we walked to Owen Park for a band concert!

Our friends Keverette and Leslie have never been to Camp Jabberwocky and just arrived two days ago! We first met them at Camp Looking Glass in Greenville, Mississippi. We are excited to have them with us and working on the play. Get ready for Keverette’s solo!

Have a good night or a great morning or a stupendous lunch. See you soon!


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