A Day of Writing and Preparation

Ahoy mates!
We have been working like a bunch of bees (the busy kind) so that we might impress you at the parade tomorrow!

Guest blogger Matt Cosby has been fluttering around with a camera in hand, capturing our process and celebrating our daily victories with us. We are so glad to have him with us!
He accompanied our writers’ workshop trip today as they traveled to a whimsical place that looked like this:

Some of us were working hard on our music for the PLAY WHICH IS THE 12TH AND 13TH!

And some of us were working so hard that we received the coveted MVP award for outstanding achievement in music class.

We packed up and headed to the beach for last time before we immersed ourselves in parade preparation. After dinner, we got competitive with a classic challenge night!

Look who’s back! Trash Team All-stars Kyle and Peter

See you tomorrow!


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