Getting our hands dirty

Here is a wonderful video taken on the Skipper yesterday:
Now, onto today. 
Today was full of farms and parade prep! 
A group of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen got right into the mud at the Farm Institute and picked vegetables and got gently attacked by cows:

The counselors are covering themselves in glue and glitter right now in preparation for the PARADE COME SEE US THURSDAY so our guest photographer Matt Cosby took a million glamour shots. Here they are. Enjoy our faces.

Working hard or hardly working, am I right??


Then Paul and Faith hit the town for a lovely early birthday celebration for Faith! It’s a yearly tradition that includes a skillet full of brownie– the foundation for all good traditions.

All day tomorrow we will be glittering and caffeinated, so hop on the ferry and COME SEE US IN THE PARADE JULY 4TH!!!

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