Studio Night!

Well hello there!

We woke up, ate some Cheerios, and went galumphing out the front door to show off the bus. This is one of our favorite Jabberwocky traditions.

In an attempt to keep our spirits high on a rainy day, we broke off into small classes and prepared for the JUBILEE WHICH IS ON THE 16th, the fourth of July parade WHICH IS ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, and Studio Night WHICH JUST HAPPENED, SORRY.

Elsewhere, Seth, Jakob, Jason, Hannah, and Michelle were on a hike in the pouring rain.
Here are the pictures of their journey before all of the cameras needed to be in plastic bags.

Hike tomorrow?

Dr. Steve and Cathy’s tennis outing unfortunately needed to be canceled because of the rain. That didn’t get them down, though. They brought the tennis to us!

After some amazing Vietnamese cuisine and stories from our friends who just joined us, we headed down to the studio for performances!

We hope you enjoy this video of Sam and Jojo’s dance from tonight.

We are headed off to bed to rest up for our PROM WHICH IS TOMORROW.


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