The camera goes horseback riding, camp goes to Mad Martha’s

Today we woke up to fog and mosquitos.
Today was a good day.
The camera and a lot of campers went horseback riding, so here are several pictures of everyone mucking around in mud and enjoying the sweet smell of stables.

Kendra and Deborah (the Horse) got to know each other a little before her turn riding.

Myles was happily letting the anticipation build as he waited for his turn in the ring!


Ride a horse, Jason!

After Jason’s ride, some people approached him about being on the cover of “Overalls Biweekly”, a magazine featuring snazzy overalls in practical situations. Here are a few images from the resulting photoshoot. I think we have some winners.

Patty also rode Deborah (the Horse) and kept her head up the entire time! 

Myles really enjoyed some up close and personal time with the very patient and loving horses.

Shirley and Patty showed their “Cobra Pose”, a karate move they enjoy practicing on their counselors when they’re trying to give them night meds. Works every time.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Mandy and the babies led a class where they told their favorite children’s stories and launched people in this parachute.

Seth led a nature hike and Harry (who is here! Wecome back, Harry!) was the spiritual guide, where people got in touch with their souls and said what they were thankful for in their lives.

After classes, we had a restorative nap and then got right back into some hardcore COLOR WARS action, with contests such as:
 “rub vaseline all over your face and move napkins from one bowl to another”

“Assemble a puzzle! Upside down!”

“Drink the water and flip the cup!”

“Moustache growing contest”

Seth won.
Here are some majestic photos from the competitions, and a video that epitomized the orange-ladle-vaseline-counselor-fight-game, called “orange ladle vaseline fight”

Once the vicious, testosterone-fueled COLOR WARS were over, the Mimsy girls decided they wanted to get back in touch with their feminine side, so they had a spa session on the porch

Then, we had a DELICIOUS taco night thanks to Josh and Laura…

…Did a little yoga to help with digesting…

…then headed to Mad Martha’s for some ice cream!!

We told you today was a good day.
PS Here’s Manny with Elyse. Make this your phone background right now.


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