Dancing the mid-afternoon away!

Today was another sunny and busy day around camp! Prom fever is starting to set in, and Kendra found a way to win her man’s heart.
She laid her trap and waited until Jake the bus driver came by…

…  When she finally asked him, she was suavely casual…


High five!

Elyse the baby/day counselor was out and about today, making the rounds around camp and supervising COLOR WARS

Sam is on the top of the list for babysitting.
In classes today, there were probably some very fun things. We don’t know what they were, because we went “hiking” but got lost and went “mini  golfing” and “ice cream eating” instead.

Patty was a natural, her caddy wasn’t as up to par, though.

Hannah also had a lovely time golfing, but she was a little bit disappointed about not being able to take a real hike.

So Michelle found some tricky fake rocks for her to scale. Nice, Hannah!

Tough hike. Tough hike, indeed.
After classes, we got right back into COLOR WARS! The first challenge was an egg-decorating, smashing, and cooking contest.



The blue team gave a good effort, but unfortunately their omlette wasn’t as original as Red Team’s, the current leaders! Yay Red Team!!
After another round of Color Wars where we talked about Kaitlin’s tennis career and Jordan’s cats, we got sort-of-showered and dressed and went to Flatbread Pizza for a very delicious meal. We all ate about 4x the amount of pizza we thought we would, which was amazing and disgusting.

Mimsy has a dress code. 

Elyse reappeared to make sure everyone was feeding their camper correctly and cleaning up after ourselves. We were in public, after all.

They match!

They also match!

Also FAITH’S BIRTHDAY (is on July 5th) but let’s celebrate always! We got her a big cake because we love her, then we all ate so much of that and some of us threw up. Mainly counselors.

Happy almost birthday!

After the pizza and soda and cake there was a DANCE PARTY. It was dark and full of children, which was confusing but wonderful.

Jason had the best time.

Patty and Shirley are going to prom together!! They practiced their moves tonight.

So did Chloe, also check out the sweet pizza oven in the background. Yum.

Yeah, we’re cool.
Thank you very much for the pizza and dance party, Flatbread! We always have the best time!


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