Dr. Steve’s pictures: Day 1

As some of you know, but as all of you should know, we have an incredible man named Dr. Steve who comes to camp and helps us out with our rashes and infections for the first two weeks. Not only does he apply ointments, but he also takes professional photos of our daily adventures so we can admire how good looking we are. 

Here are a few images from the first day of camp, specifically when we picked everyone up from the ferry! Thank you Dr. Steve!
Patty and Kelsey “The Original” gleefully head off the boat and into the arms of their Jabberwocky family!

And what a family it is 🙂

Speaking of family, this is Scott with his family (we think, or some doting fans of his blog)

Pete is here for the whole month! Good news!

And here is a lovely new counselor named Melissa. She usually wears that crab hat.

Seth and Cynthia share a delightful hug, they missed each other! Seth was probably saying how excited he was for all the incredible hot breakfasts that she makes– thank you Cynthia for fattening us all up!

Matt swerves down to camp with Mike and Jake in tow. Swerve, Matt, swerve.


And Sam enjoys the company of Jackie and Belle, two new day/hanging around counselors who are doing a fantastic job getting thrown right into the mix of feeding and cleaning and caring for all of us!
Today we had classes and then we are going to the beach, so expect some updates about that later tonight!

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