The End Is Near

This morning was the race.
It was sprinkling when we woke and we were worried that it would turn into a downpour. But no worries, it was a beautiful morning for a race.
Here is Tulgy +, The Frat.

Yes, we have no bananas….

The puddles add some new challenges.

Adena starts the race.

Ready, go.

Athena and Jamie are the first ones in.

Next are Kirk and Micky.

We’re number 3!
Watch out, runner on the left, car on the right. 
This race is dangerous.

Wait for me!

Heading back to the farm.

Daniel’s our first runner. Carina’s his cheerleader.

James congratulated the winners.
Here are our Jabberwocky winners, with the man with the best time.
We took it easy back at camp, and played “Pack the Campers” and “Who Can Nap the Longest?”
The Tulgy Wood boys won that one.
Micky won the Chris look-a-like contest.

After dinner we rode our red tourist bus up to Aquinnah,
 to see the sunset and get some ice cream.

Another group shot. It started out with 3 counselors, then…….

The Colorado Crew.

The campers head out tomorrow, and we will soon after.
We have just a bit of work to do.
 Another August session is finished and there will be much hugging and crying tomorrow. And the day after too as we all go our separate ways back to our “real” lives.
But we’ll be back.
So, happy trails ’til next summer.
Keep your socks up.


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