So, it’s Friday, and we’re getting very near the end.
This morning, one group went to Cape Pogue, another went out to breakfast at the Black Dog, and a third went to the Mansion House to work out.
So, the camp was pretty empty.

Today’s photos are from Cape Pogue. That’s where the camera went.

There were 2 truckloads of folks.One group got the truck with the roof. 
The other got stylish hats.
Everybody was happy.

And up the stairs we go. We like challenges.
There goes Kyle through the hatch.

Andrew Wong made it by shoulder taxi.

Hello down there!

Kirk’s looking for Lady Gaga’s house. It’s around here somewhere.
After lunch, it was off to the beach, back again, showers, dinner and fireworks.
We love dashing around the island. We almost have the bus loading routine figured out.

Here we are. Waiting………….



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