Pool Party

We spent the afternoon at the Fialkow’s.

A couple of action photos.

Fogey loves to make new furry friends.

There goes Kirk. He asked to be thrown in. Really.

Nothing like a little water waltzing.

Look out, Moriah’s driving! Sort of.

They had kayaks and paddleboards to play with. go Margaret!

We stuffed ourselves at lunchtime, as usual.

And caught some zzzzzzz’s.

And then there were the races.

David sang The Flutternutter song for us.

This 3 legged race group turned into a 5 legged team.
We saw how well that worked.

Here’s the back to back, belly to belly zombie jamboree beachball race.

And, of course, we finished with the spanky-behind race. Otherwise, Fogey never would have left.
Some traditions just can’t be messed with.


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