Monday was another busy day.
We made decorations in the morning, went out for lunch, relaxed on the beach, and went to prom.
We know how to fill a day.
Mr. Larsen treated us to tables loaded with french fries, clams, mussels, chicken, and cheese sticks.
We ate everything.

Don’t know what kind of fish these are, but they are very festive.

It was a feeding frenzy.

Jeremy knows how to enjoy a meal.
Hip, hip hooray for Mr. Larsen! Thanks for a great meal.
After showers, we beautified ourselves and enjoyed some appetizers on the porch.

Our servers were very professional.

It’s amazing to me that we all shop at the same store (costume cabin) but come up with our own style combinations each year.

We did a bit of dancing, singing, and jumping.

And here are our summer brides.(for reals!)
 Kristen, July 21, Dori July 28.

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