Parasailing and Jetskiing

The bell rang at 6 a.m. and we dragged ourselves (most of us did) out of bed for a morning on the water. We also had Back Door Donuts for breakfast which made the whole experience even sweeter. Some campers sped around on jet skis (don’t worry, counselors were driving) and others floated in the  air.
It’s a Claire sandwich!

Moriah is a bit excited that Jack is driving her jet ski.

Kirk is safe with the Andrews. Well, on second thought….

More Andrews.
 Becca and Erin take a turn.

Look out below! Here come Carina and Tori.

Well, it’s hard to get good photos with straps and poles in the way,
but that’s Brie with Kevin.

Margaret and Josh go on another adventure.

And then, after dinner, we had a highlighter party.
You write appropriate comments on white t-shirts then turn on the black light and dance up a storm.

Sign him up for What Not To Wear.

Here I am with my good friend Josh.

And it looks kinda like this. 


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